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As long as you have a real MT4 trading account, you can become a signal provider by connecting to FOLLOWME.

Get extra income by sharing trading signals through the community
Signal providers' subscription income are determined by their performance and popularity. They have to show good trading result in order to charge more or to attract more subscribers.

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Join now with 3 simple steps

Step1: Connect Account

Connect an existing or create a new MetaTrader4 trading account

Step2: Real-Name Authentication

Upload Identification proof, complete information and wait for verification.

Step3: Publish Signal

Start trading to earn subscription fees

Carrying out foreign exchange margin/CFD transactions on your own or following trade signals involve risks. Your loss of funds may exceed your initial deposit, so it is not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no representation that any account will or may achieve profits and losses similar to the performance shown. At the same time, you understand and agree that there are some risks in using online trading services, including uncontrollable factors such as hardware failure, software fault or network connections. FOLLOWME is not responsible for any losses caused by communication failures, transmission disruptions or delays occurring during online transactions. Please ensure to read our disclaimer before proceeding further.